Raritan has a collection of white papers available to help you finding the right answers to your IT issues:

Download the IT Infrastructure Uptime whitepaper
Download the IDC whitepaper: KVM and IT Infrastrucure
Download the Experian Case Study
..........Remote Access Configurator

”The Dominion SX switch offers a level of serial access that we had long hoped for but never quite achieved. When you consider the added centralised management benefits that CommandCenter®brings, it makes it a solution unparalleled in today's market place.”
Adrian Dyson, Experian UK's Head of Command Centre &Automation



Centralized IT Management: How to improve business continuity.

IT management is more critical and more complex than ever. IT capability is the engine of modern business today. You are dealing with multiple servers, network devices and platforms - with new devices added all the time.
You have multiple locations to manage and support, with limited staff and limited expertise. You face an increasing number of hacker and virus attacks. On top of that, you have a finite budget to handle everything.
Which does not change the fact that availability of your IT resources is absolute critical - after all, downtime eats profits - and you are responsible.

In the whitepapers we will discuss and we will find answers about:
- How secure is your data centre?
- How can we improve system availability?
- How can we guarantee business continuity & ROI?
- How can we help you meet ITIL?

Learn how to manage IT asset and how to get secure remote access to all your Data Centre systems and servers - whether you're at the rack, at your desk, in the Network Operations Center (NOC), or anywhere in the world.

About Raritan:
Raritan is a leading provider of solutions for managing IT infrastructure equipment, such as servers and networking hardware, and the mission-critical applications and services that run on it. Raritan's highly reliable and responsive IT management solutions - based on KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switches, serial console servers, remote connectivity products and management software - allow companies to quickly pinpoint problems, as well as access and repair faults from anywhere, at anytime.

On top, we provide integrated management solutions for monitoring and managing server, network and desktop health and security for mid-sized businesses as well.

After two decades of profitable growth and technical innovation, Raritan's products are used to control millions of servers at more than 50,000 data centers-from global enterprises to small businesses-around the world.

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